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Topside rolled roasting

Beef topside is the long, inner muscle from the cow's thigh, often nicknamed the 'poor man's sirloin'.

A delicious and versatile cut it can be roasted as a whole rolled and tied joint, or diced and slow-cooked for a tender stew.

Silverside rolled roasting

Silverside is leaner than Topside and is similarly prepared as a rolled and tied joint for roasting, or again diced and slow cooked or pot roasted. It even makes for an ideal minute steak for flash frying.

Sirloin rolled roasting

For many the best roast option, sirloin is right next to the fillet in terms of tenderness. Where would Sunday's be without a roast?

Best rib on bone

One of the most traditional and recognisable beef roasting joints. Leaving the beef on the bone adds to the full flavour

Best rib rolled

Another popular roasting cut. A large joint of meat with an equally meaty flavour. The bone is removed and the joint is rolled and tied for easy carving.

Brisket rolled slow roast

Often overlooked, Brisket is one of our favourite cuts. Boned and rolled it makes for a delicious pot roast or can be be braised or poached.

Fillet steak

Needing no introduction, the fillet is the most tender and luxurious cut of beef. Supremely versatile, but perhaps best experienced as an exquisite and tasty fillet steak, cooked to your own tastes.

Rump steak

As muscular as it sounds, the rump is full of flavour. Versatile in a roast or for a thicker steak alternative that is excellent value.

Rib eye steak

As the name suggests the rib eye steak is a cut from the rib. Along with fillet and rump, It's another firm steak favourite best experienced simply pan fried.

Braising steak

From the front of the cow, braising steak needs no introduction. It can be cooked as a delicious steak on its own, or used for the perfect casserole or stew. Whichever, slow cooking is the key.

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