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Leg on bone and rolled

Leg of lamb, a delicious Sunday roast favourite, either on the bone or boned and rolled for easy carving. Cook slowly, it's your choice.

Shoulder on bone and rolled

Like the leg, shoulder of lamb is another Sunday flavoursome favourite. Again, on the bone or boned and rolled

Best end

Or best end of the neck, the first eight ribs, or more commonly known as everyone's favourite, rack of lamb.

Rack French trimmed

A skill test for any butcher. It may not make the lamb taste any more delicious, but it is a culinary visual delight

Loin chops

Not quite the best end, more the middle, meat from the loin provides chops, steaks and noisettes. Can also be boned completely, stuffed and rolled for roasting joints.

Lamb fillet

Like a good beef fillet, lamb fillet is the tenderest cut. Quick fry as a steak for the tastiest results

Saddle rolled and stuffed

An Easter favourite and table centrepiece and along with the fillet, the leanest of cuts. Our saddle of Lamb is cut from the loin, rolled and stuffed.

Lean leg steaks

Second only to the fillet, lean leg steaks are another quick fry lamb winner.


Above the knee joint and below the leg, the shank is another statement cut, proudly showcasing the bone. Slow cook for succulent and tender results.

Diced lean

Diced lean lamb, super versatile for stews, casseroles even curries. The choice is yours.

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