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Venison, Goat & Game


Our locally sourced wild venison is a delicious alternative to traditional red meats, with a rich, lean and gamey flavour. It's the healthy choice too, low in fat and high in protein, vitamins and iron

Haunch Joints and steaks

Cut from the haunch or back leg, simply pan fry, griddle or BBQ for a tasty alternative to a beef steak


Great for a delicious rich gamey casserole

Loin fillet

One of the tenderest venison cuts, loin steaks are cut from the sadlle. Again keep it simple, pan fry, griddle or BBQ



Here's a fact: Goat makes up 60% of all red meat eaten worldwide. In the UK, we're rather late to the table, but at Emmerdale, we love goat and our sustainably sourced, free-range goat is another great, delicious meat alternative


The alternative Sunday leg roast? Ditch the lamb and try goat.It has similar taste, but leaner and firmer


As above, another great Sunday roast alternative


Taken from the saddle and like any red meat cut, one of the tenderest too. Griddle, pan fry or BBQ


Ideal for a rich stew or casserole. And of course, we can't talk about goat, without mentioning goat curry


Wild Local Rabbit

Another sustainable source of wild meat, rabbit has it all and is a great alternative to chicken, with a rich gamey flavour, that's perfect for casseroles.


Local game

It doesn't get any more sustainable than local to Emmerdale pheasants and partridges, with their distinctive dark, rich gamey meat. Try breast of either, roasted or pan fried, or a rich, lean casserole

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