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Cut from the loin top of the pig, who doesn't love a juicy pork chop? Grill, fry or even bake, delicious in every way

Loin on bone or rolled

The ultimate Sunday pork roast favourite, either on the bone or without, rolled and stuffed

Shoulder rolled

One of the meatiest parts of the pig, look no further than the shoulder for pulled pork. Slow cooking works best here.

Leg rolled

Another substantial cut and Sunday roast favourite. Popular for its leanness, just don't cook it for too long.


As the name suggests the tenderest of loin cuts. Like most cuts it benefits from slow cooking. Too fast, too hot and it will be tough.

Diced lean

Stews, hotpots, stir fries of BBQ favourite kebabs, our diced lean pork is sup versatile.

Loin steaks

Just like beef or lamb steaks, pork loin steaks are best fried or griddled. Keep it simple!

Belly piece

The fattiest cut maybe, but delicious with it and besides, who doesn't love the crackling?

Belly sliced

As above. Sliced thinly enough it's what Americans call bacon. Ours comes from the topside. Or lardons when cut into cubes.

Belly king ribs

Another belly cut and a BBQ favourite. Or how about going Chinese?

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