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Emmerdale Farm Shop - A family business from field to fork

A passion for meat and the butcher's art has been in the Thickett family since the Revd Jack Thickett bought local butchers JR Creasey in Peasenhall in the mid 60s. A generation later, Jack's son, Jeremy Thickett, is at the helm of the family business, that has diversified into breeding the cattle that ultimately finds its way from the Thickett's own fields to its onsite butchery and finally on to the plate. From 'field to plate' is very much the Thickett mantra.

Jeremy's 190 acre Marsh View in Darsham, on the Suffolk marshes, is the perfect environment for breeding the Red Polls, Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle, where they typically graze for a year on the pasture, being fattened at just under two years, into prime mature beef.

There's no food miles involved here. The Thickett family's butchery and Emmerdale Farm Shop is right on site, ensuring that every stage of the process is under their watchful eye and in their expert hands. That commitment is refelcted in the outstanding quilty and taste, that once experienced is hard to forget.

And from small farm shops grow very large farm shops. As well as the expansive butchery, the Emmerdale Farm Shop is well stocked with its own renowned homemade pies, sausage rolls and quiches, plus local and artisan produce, organic fruit and veg and even a huge range of frozen produce. Oh, and did we mention the tea rooms?

And yes, we know that there is an Emmerdale Farm on the telly, and yes there is a connection. Prior to Jeremy buying the farm, its previous owners' were well connected to the Emmerdale Farm series' creator at Yorkshire TV in the 70s, who gave them full rights to use the name. So now you know.

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