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Chicken and other Poultry

Chicken locally reared 

Free range and local to Emmerdale, we can vouch that these chickens have had the best of lives

Sutton Hoo free range

If you want the best, then we have it. Sutton Hoo, Suffolk free range chickens are grown on average for 25% longer than traditional free range chickens. The difference is in the taste

Breast fillets

The most popular and versatile cut, roast or grill, keep it simple or marinade


Great for a slow cook casserole, or marinaded on the BBQ


Who doesn't love a drum stick? Marinade, to roast or BBQ. The ultimate finger food?


Ducks whole

The great chicken alternative? The cuts are the same, but the taste is altogether different, with a darker, richer meat. Naturally our ducks are free range and locally sourced

Breast fillets

As above for chicken, think duck. Roast, or grill, keep it simple or marinade. Duck a l'orange anyone?


Great for a slow cook casserole, marinaded on the BBQ or even a duck curry, if you're feeling adventurous


Local game

It doesn't get any more sustainable than local to Emmerdale pheasants and partridges, with their distinctive dark, rich gamey meat. Try breast of either, roasted or pan fried, or a rich, lean casserole.

Come and visit us

Take a look at all the delicious food we have

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